Friday, 20 April 2012

Sorry it’s been a while but here's what I have been up to lately! Some Visual Merchandising with a Premium menswear brand. My idea behind this particular piece is based on the stereotypical look of the brand, smart/casual and a trendy young individual. It’s all about creating an outfit making it easy to shop for the customer, when they like one thing in the outfit the intention is they see it as a whole and want to buy it with these items that particularly complement the piece they may like. The blazer is a rich dusky blue with brown functional buttons on the cuffs. The inner lining matches the print of the shirt therefore the shirt is practically made to go with blazer. The shirt also has brown buttons yet with a slight vintage feel. The jeans dress the outfit down but tapering in at the bottom makes the outfit more suitable for the younger trendy gentlemen, there are two layers of jeans with the top one having a slight turn up showing options of how to add more character to the outfit and the under layer suggests a more dressed down Silhouette. The Brogue’s finish the outfit off; they attract the eye to the details in the jacket and make the outfit look more tasteful. The vintage brief case pulls the outfit together making it look like a finished display. I used a vintage photo frame, small magazine, a belt and other accessories that the suited customer may want in this outfit.